okay so apparently i tried to answer an ask on my tablet and it vanished but i remember what it was and who it was from (well like 80-90% sure who it’s from) so here is the ask you sent me martinfreemanismyjam

warmth: what do you find most charming in others?
- Hmm I guess I would go with their personality/sense of humor.

lore: if your life were a tale, how do u expect it would end??
- Uhh I guess it could end with me traveling across the world to seek new adventures and whatnot. Like I don’t know…I really try to focus in on the present.


You know what I’m worried about for the last episode?




when he giving good dick and suddenly pulls out



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i keep seein posts like ‘if my favorite character met me they’d be disgusted’ or ‘they’d say ew’ or ‘not like me’ or somethin

nah, cut that out, destroy that thought.

your favorite character would totally like to hang out with you because you’re awesome and appreciate little things about them that probably no one else does

Seijuurou Mikoshiba - Ep 09

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the key to becoming famous is befriending a famous person


Then introduce a deadly disease to their family

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High King Peter, the Magnificent

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sleep: what is the most comforting thing at night time for you?
visitor: what creature visits your dreams most often?
chimes: what sounds are your favorite?
times: when do you normally awaken?
marking: describe your tattoos,or tattoos you would like in the future?
reverie: think of somewhere otherworldly u wish to be within, what is it like there?
warmth: what do you find most charming in others?
treat: your favorite sweets ?
nestle: your most precious plush toy?
posy: your favorite herbs?
stories: books you remember from your childhood?
folk: who is the most fantastical being u have known?
elder: what do u expect to be like in your elder years?
home: in what type of environment do you feel most safe?
finds: what kind of item would you most likely buy from an antique store?
offering: how do you show others you are fond of them?
lore: if your life were a tale, how do u expect it would end??
jason derulo's senior quote probably: jason derulo


If children of color have to be aware of the realities of racism, white children should too.

I’m tired of hearing that white children are too young to understand the consequence of their words or actions when for nonwhite kids they live with the impact of racism every day 

before and after coffee

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white sherlock fans literally live in a separate universe

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